Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Thus Far

It's June 16th. So I've officially been away for 17 days. It's one of those things where it feels like it's been longer, yet it feels like the summer is flying by. So what exactly have I been doing with my summer? I'm the video guy for Silver Birch Ranch. Two years ago I was the audio guy. So it's slightly familiar being back here in the tech department, but different because, well... obviously video is a little different than audio.

What kind of work does being the video guy entail? I am basically responsible for any video stuff that happens this summer. Filming, editing, burning DVDs, packaging DVDs. Each week my goal I'm working for is a 7-10 minute "Week in Review" DVD of footage of all of the events that take place at camp. The more events, the better. The more campers, the better. Just a few hours ago I just finished burning out the Master Copy of my first "Week in Review" DVD. It was for Junior Camp #1 and Middler Camp #1 (two camps combined into one week). It was on the longer side: about nine minutes and 40 seconds. I was told to aim for 8-9 minutes. But I think I did pretty awesome for my first video. It literally was my first real video. Before a week ago I had no experience at all with video editing. So I've really been thrown into a new world this week. It's funny... two years ago when I was the audio guy, I was also officially the tech director, which was a whole new world at that time. I knew basically how to run a soundboard, so its strange that they threw me in that role, plus the leader role. But it worked out alright.

So I've been here for nearly 3 weeks, but only have done one video. That's because the first week was a Family Camp. There are a total of four family camps this summer. We don't do "Week in Review" DVDs for them. I dont really know why, but I'm okay with that. During Family Camps I will be working on SBR Promo Videos.

Actually the whole time I've been here, I've kind of been a puppet of the Program Team. I don't mean that in a negative way. I just mean I've been working for them and helping them get the summer started. Oh, where would they be without me?!? They'd be lost!

May not sound like I'm doing that much, but I've had a lot of busy busy days. Been staying up late and getting up early. I'm exhausted! I am really worn out. I need a break already. Sad thing is, I'm sure there are people here who work harder and longer hours than I do. Mad props to them.

So I'm tired. But I'm serving. Having a good time. Learning. Growing. I miss family and friends. Don't miss school one bit. Don't miss spending money on gas. I miss having real food. So I guess that's that.