Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disc Golf

Yesterday I went disc golfing with Ian and Aaron. It was a blast. I ended up with a great score too. I was only 6 over par; its a new record for me. I am also beginning to build up a set. I've got 2 drivers, 2 putters, and 2 or 3 midrangers. It was super hot out there, but we all had fun. We went at about 1, and then lastnight at about 1130 i found a tic on my knee. That sucker was chillin there for like 10 hours. What a bum.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Silver Birch Ranch. What a week. So much happened. I couldn't even guess where to start. The week was fun, relaxing, exciting, stressful, awkward, competitive, educational, tiring, relational, thrilling... It was a week of memories, learning, growing, and making new friends. "Oooouuuch" "BOW MY NUTS!" "UR MOM"
Despite Satan working his hardest there, distracting us and attempting to inhibit our growth, God still showed up and releaved Himself to us. Spiritually, it was a rough week. It wasn't the normal silver birch experience. Satan put up a really good fight this week and held us up a lot. God still showed each person something new. God helped us grow closer to Him and to each other. Satan faught good, but God came out on top and won this week. Thank God for his plan, and how powerful and good He is.