Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fancy things

I was just looking at how long I have had a blogger account. Since May of 2007. That's 5 years, 7 months. That's 60 months. Roughly 24,455 days. I was looking at how many blogs I have posted. 272 blogs posted. Break it down, it's about 1 blog every 90 days.

Just thought that was interesting.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I sure do love Christmas.

Christmas Music.
Christmas Movies.
Christmas Carols.
Christmas Cookies.
Christmas Candy.

It gives me such a sense of joy. And peace.

Christmas is not like it used to be. Or maybe I am just viewing Christmas through different lenses than when I was a kid. The holiday has lost it's magical-ness. It was great because there was 100 feet of snow on the ground. I would get tons of candy and gifts for Christmas. We would get what seemed like a whole year off. We'd get to go have a great time visiting family in Iowa for what seemed like a month.

Now Christmas comes and goes. I dont get as excited about the gifts. Santa isn't real anymore. It seems like its rare to have snow on Christmas day. Christmas break gets shorter and shorter. The trip out to Iowa seems shorter and shorter.

From a a book I'm reading called "The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask" comes the quote:
"With the addition of years, most people begin to see through the empty promises and short-lived pleasures of the current order."

The promises of Christmas that I used to have faith in are fading. Not that those old parts of Christmas were bad, but I rarely took note of the root of the holiday. Maybe I can get joy and peace and happiness now from understanding what Christmas really is. A celebration for the birth of Christ.

That is what I'm going to cling to. My new joy and peace.