Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can I get an 'amen'

Around Thanksgiving time I submitted an application to a new CostCo they just build by my school. From what I saw on their website, it looked like they would be paying more than minimum wage and there would be benefits. I was sure they'd hire me.

A week went by. No call. Ten days passed. No call. I figured they would have called me by then if they intended to even interview me. So I simply have given up on that.

But I really need a job still. I have a good amount of free time, plus I could really use the extra income. Actually, I straight up need more income.

So last night at a Bible Study I was at, they asked for prayer requests. I simply said that I need God to provide a job for me. So my highly respectable man of God prayed for me.

Lo and behold, I received a phone call from CostCo! I have an interview Friday. Now, I know I don't have the job, I still need to pass the interview/impress me session.

At the Bible Study we talked about what the deal is with 'hope.' The simplest, main thing I got out of it is that hope is a joyful expectancy, an assurance of what is to come. I am confident this is an answer to my prayer, and I hope that I get this job.

But there is a slight down side. Just today I had become comfortable and excited about having a month off for Christmas. And if I get the job I will probably have to work. Sad face.

But praise God for answering my prayer so quickly! What an awesome God.