Sunday, October 28, 2007


The meeting didn't happen. Pastor Leigh says he never got a confirmation email saying that saturday was gonna happen. so adam, tiffany and i showed up at 9, but no pastor leigh, so we left meetingless. We're goin to try again this saturday.

Also, I talked to matt about being a leader for yg, and he wants me to be in charge of games. sounds good to me. btw jon, got any games you'd like to share with me?

I'm fixing the truck tomorrow. i dont think anyone's gonna help. i dont care. i've waited long enough. i have to do it. i dont have anything going on until 6 so i've got roughly 10 hours to fix a few brake lines. i hope i can do it. i mean i can do it. i think i can i think i can. nay! I KNOW I CAN! i will.

im very angry b/c i bought like 25 bucks of candy for myself and my bum family gave it all out to the stupid trick-or-treaters. 25 bucks of candy gone. ARGH!!!!!!

dat all!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

College Ministry

At church I'm working with Pastor Leigh to get what they call a "20-somethings" small group/ youth group. This saturday the two of us along with several others are meeting at Common Ground Coffee shop. I think coffee sucks, but whatever. We're meeting there to discuss what we want the group to be like: how often we meet, what the layout of the meetings are like, our purposes and goals, yadda yadda ya. Earlier this year we tried to get something going, but it bombed, so we're trying again. Maybe this time God will bless our efforts and help us get this thang started!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

-my classes at gateway are lame
-i still havent fixed the truck
-i'm not a leader for my church's middle school yg (there's like 10 students and 11 leaders)
-i'm trying to get a job at menard's but they're not hiring me cuz i'm too good for them
-my grandma and aunt june are visiting till like thursday
-my birfday is in like 23 days(you can ask me what i want later)
-we had a jr bacon cheeseburger eating contest today after church (thats a good story)
-i got a new devotional
-as of right now i'm planning on going to nicolet next year
-my whole body is sore from a block party on saturday and playing with kids at yg tonite
-i think i'm addicted to coke (like you dont know which coke i mean)
-its time for me to get a haircut cuz i look like a shmuck
-i'm really struggling with letting go of Rachel
-i got a credit card, i'm having fun with it. its only got a 300 dolla limit
-i'm feelin kinda lonely
-yeah him too (ask for more details on "him")
-i tried q doba and its delicioso!
-i'm goin to bed!