Monday, October 18, 2010

One man... one mission... one vacation... one city...

In an unknown land, one man is on a mission so adventurous words cannot describe. The land is not entirely unknown, simply unknown to that man. That land is what modern folk call "Memphis, Tennessee." This man was in this city on one mission, which can be described in one word: vacation. But actually it really wasn't just vacation, because he was also there to visit his friend. He was really just there to visit his friend, and it happened to be during the man's fall break from school, so he just called it vacation. This man was there to visit another man, namely named "Super Suave." What an epic name. They say the Super Suave once defeated an army of people with dandruff in one single shampooing. Unbelievable.

That man is me, Tony Nelson. It's true. I went to Memphis, Tennessee to visit my friend/superhero, Super Suave. I rode a megabus down there. The megabus itself wasn't bad, but the 10 hour ride wasn't too pleasurable. The one down there left Chicago at 10:15 PM. The returning bus left Memphis at 11:15 PM.

However, everything else about the trip was just dandy. I really didn't see anything special about the city itself, except for the fact that there was a pyramid and a prominent police presence. But just being there with Super Suave was fun. I had a good time. Here's some of the stuff we did:

  • Ate BBQ nachos
  • Skipped rocks along the Mississippi River
  • Walked along a 5 block long replica of the Mississippi River in a seemingly deserted park-like place on Mudd Island
  • Went to Hope church, which has it's own recording studio (which I got a nice tour of), and a sanctuary that fits like 5,000 (and I got to see their video control room)
  • Spent 2 hours at Guitar Center
  • Went on an adventurous hike in a park, ended up on private property checking out abandoned farming vehicles, and getting about a billion of those seeds that stick to your clothes stuck on my shirt.
  • Went to Texas Roadhouse and stuffed myself (right before getting on the return 10 hour bus ride... not smart)
  • Ate pizza while sitting on a fence
  • Watched Law Abiding Citizen
  • Got semi-lost looking for a disc golf course
  • Went disc golfing on a dusty course
I think thats most of what we did. It was a good trip. I'll probably go back. Super Suave, you're my man.