Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Frustrated

I'm in a bad mood. What better way to make yourself feel better than to list of every single thing that you are angry and frustrated and annoyed with. So here it goes.

I'm annoyed with paying tolls.
I hate speed limits.
I am tired of trying to make people happy.
I'm tired of cleaning up crap that's not mine.
I'm frustrated with my truck breaking down constantly.
I'm tired with all hinges in the world squeeking.
I'm pissed of about those stupid birds chirping at 3am for 5 hours.
I hate that I can't seem to get my motorcycle in working order.
I hate that I am constantly out of money.
I hate my credit cards.
I hate doing homework.
I'm tired of following all the rules.
I am annoyed that my laptop keyboard doesn't work and I have to lug around a keyboard to use.
I hate having to pay rent.
I hate that I have to eat to stay alive. Why can't we just plug ourselves in for energy like our cellphones?
I hate worrying about my future.
I cannot stand when people drive slow.
I hate how expensive everything is.
I hate FEES!
I'm tired of people in charge making stupid rules.
I hate how expensive gas is.
I'm frustrated that they make nearly all scissors right handed.
I'm frustrated with all of the sickness and pain in this world.
I'm frustrated that my cigarette lighter in my truck wont work.
I hate green beans.
It's annoying how hard it is to change the battery on my 12 string guitar.
I hate struggling with the same crap year after year.
I hate it when batteries seem to die at the most inconvenient times.
I hate power cables.
I'm frustrated that I dont get good reception for my phone in my house.
I hate when you text somebody and need an immediate response yet the dont reply (even though they usually reply instantly, except not when you need them to).
I hate not having enough time or money to do the things I really want to do.
I hate some people's attitudes.
It's unreasonably annoying when the circuit breakers trip.
I hate that every radio station claims to have the best music or greatest variety, yet they just play crap.
I hate that there's barely any public access to the lakefront in Illinois.
I absolutely despise Illinois traffic.
I hate potholes!
I hate how much work it is to make food.
I hate how quickly food spoils.
I hate that I'm a picky eater.
It's annoying how easily people get offended.
I hate dirty socks.
I hate it when I get holes in my shoes.
I hate that sugary food is bad for you.
I hate pimples.
I am annoyed that going to school at Trinity is $32,000 a year.
I hate it when people cannot say "yes" or "no" and stick to their plan.
I hate advertisements.
I hate that I always feel so busy.
I hate owing people something or feeling indebted to somebody.
I hate having to pay to park.
I hate waiting in lines.
Its frustrating having a bad memory.
I hate deadlines.
I hate having to fill out applications.
I hate when people can't just get over crap.
I hate chapel.
I hate when technology doesn't work when I really depend on it.
I hate overpriced food at movie theaters and sporting events.
I hate making deals with people and then forgetting about them.
I hate having to bathe. Why can't we sweat the scent of delicious?
I hate when its cold and snowless.
I hate working hard on something and having it not pay off at all.

Just to keep the hatred and angry feelings going, here are some things some of my friends hate:
-when you go for bread just to find out its the stupid butt
-the midwest
-people who eat healthy
-people who eat organic
-doing dishes
-80s music
-country music
-overuse of dubstep
-cold weather
-people constantly making annoying comments on everything on fb
-political conversations
-super-religious christians and nominal christian and the like.
-weird people
-justin bieber
-long engagements
-being poor

I feel a lot better.