Saturday, June 16, 2007

Two gone by...

Ever have an old person tell you that life goes by too fast, so enjoy it while you can? I've been told that many a time. They think I don't understand what they're talking about, but I do. Ever since like middle school, every year has gone by faster than the last.
This year/this summer I told myself that I would slow things down and enjoy this summer. I tell you what, that is going to be tough. I don't mean a little difficult. I mean inexplicably hard.
-My manager at work told me that I'd be working close to 40 hours a week.
-Plus, I'm going to need to watch my younger sister a lot (both my parents work and my other siblings aren't here).
-Also, my family wants to get season passes to Six Flags.
-And I have a girlfriend (we all know they are time suckers).
-I'm going to TRY to work on my relationship with God, too.
Yeah, I need like 20 extra hours in each day for all that stuff. It may not seem like much, but it is a crap-load for me. Hopefully, by some miracle, I will be able to fit it all in, and slow things down. I'll have to move some priorities around and shave some things away. Two weeks have already gone by, I better get crackin. We'll see if I can figure this stuff out.
-EL ANTONIO (the anthony)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A trip to the ER

Today was an exciting day! It started out with nothing special... woke up around 10, watched a movie, and Rachel came over for lunch. After lunch she headed back to work, but called me about 20 minutes later saying I need to take her to the hostible (hospital). She couldn't see out of her right and and said her head was going to explode, or so it felt. I took her there, then about 4 hours later, after all that hospital mumbo jumbo and a CAT scan, they said it was probably just a new kind of migraine for her. it must have been a nasty one, it was easy to tell she was in a LOT of pain. that's definitely the short version of the story, but thats about it. if anybody actually reads this (i know my jonny bear does) then a prayer for rachel would be nice. i'm sure she'd appreciate it! UNTIL NEXT TIME...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cell Phones

Today, I was trying to get a hold of somebody on their cell phone. So I text them, they dont reply. I text them again, they dont reply again. I call them, and they dont answer. Why would you have a cell phone if you're not going to answer it? Not much makes me madder than when people dont answer their cell phones. I think we should start a rule that says if you dont answer your cell phone 3 times, you lose your phone privileges for LIFE! Okay, that's all i have to complain about today!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Graduation Party

So today I had my graduation party. Nothing too special, just some food and hanging out. About 40 maybe 50 people showed up. Not a bad turn out, but there could have been more (I slacked on the invitations, which I now regret). I got a butt-load of money and some cool gifts. It was nice being able to visit with some family that I haven't seen in awhile. Of course, the big question at the party was "What are you going to do from here?" and, of course I didn't know the answer. I'm still not sure whether I should be a Youth Pastor or an Engineer. Yeah, two totally different paths. Hopefully God will show me the right way soon. Lately, I think He's been telling me to go the Youth Pastor route, but I still don't feel to comfortable with that. We'll see what happens... It's late, I've had a long day, I'm going to get some sleep.
-The 15-hour-away-from-graduating almost-graduate.