Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too Busy

One month ago it was April 27th, five days away from finals. I was really looking forward to school being done... I'd be done with homework and I'd have so much more time on my hands. In this past month I've managed to read by bible about 5 times. I've managed to pray just a few times (not including before meals). I've really managed my time horribly. I have more time now, but I seem to fill it up so fast. I've forgotten about time and I just go... I go do whatever.

SBR is one of the easiest places to build your relationship with Christ... but it's also the easiest spot to not. It's so easy to go sailing instead of doing my daily devotional. It's so easy to mini-golfing instead of reading "My Utmost." It's way too easy to go dirt biking instead of going and being alone with God.

This past month I've always chosen the sailing, mini-golfing, and dirt biking side. I've been feeling it too. I'm drained. I get 10 hours of sleep and I wake up still tired. Low motivation, low energy. Whether it's right or not, I'm blaming my laggishness on my weak spiritual life. I'm digging back in now. I can't live like this all summer and not burn out. I must be ready... for myself and for the campers. You know what I'm sayin?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It Bugs Me

Today I began reading one of Dave's books "Beyond the compass." It got me thinking about that all to common phrase "God's dumbest though is smarter than your smartest thought. (as if God has dumb thoughts)" Eventually my thoughts came around to things that I don't understand... things that have come to bother be about Christianity. One thing that bothers me is that God doesn't talk to me. Like audibly I want to hear His voice through my ears like I'd hear anybody else talk. Thats what I want, that's what I think I need. Obviously God doesn't agree. That's just something I don't like right now. I think I'm going to come up with a list of things that bother people about Christianity, why they bother, and how to work through that issue. So... what bothers you?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Canada, Eh?

Ahhh... just returned from the great state of Canada... or, rather, the country (whichever you prefer) for Canadian Adventure. Nice ride up, long ride back, and tons of good stuff in between. Most of the crew went up Sunday morning, but Ivy and I stayed back to go to the Quest banquet (which turned out awesome). Ivy and I headed up Monday morning, got a good early start at 5 AM (yeah, I was up that early), and had great weather for the drive up there. We made pretty good time and got to our destination pretty early (about 1 or 2pm ET). Camp is way in the middle of nowhere, there's actually no roads that go to the camp, so you gotta take a boat to it. So we were supposed to get picked up from a gas station, but we had to sit around for like an hour waiting for them. But that was A ok! We eventually made it to the camp and all was well.

While we were there, we made a new trail, hunted some chicken-like-creatures (but didn't catch any), climbed Mount Sinai, had a 3 hour solo time, burned some tree stumps, worshipped God, studied God's word, and just hung out! What a great time, I was sad to leave, but I'm glad to be back here too.

Mount Sinai was one of the coolest things. We climbed these hills/cliffs/mountains that were about 600 or 700 feet tall. At the top, there's this huge flat-ish rock that overlooks the Montreal River and a dam that camp is next to. What a view! I'll try to get some pics up on FB soon.

I was really looking forward to seeing the starts up in that remote area (the nearest hospital is like 2 hours away, same for groceries). But I was slightly disappointed to see a nearly full moon, blasting it's light through the night sky. I see more stars in Kenosha than I could there. Stupid moon. C'est la vie.