Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What I got for Christmas

This is not the part where I list what I got for Christmas... if I can remember them all...

a huge knife, a bears shirt, popcorn, cookies, gift card, cucumber melon candle and body wash, a giant coloring book with crayons, candy, more candy, a little more candy, cheez-its, special sweat-absorbing socks, Dr. Pepper, silly putty. That's all I can remember. I'm not sure if there's more or not... but that's what I got.

Also, I'm not sure if this is a Christmas gift or not, but I'm getting a laptop, it shall be ordered online tonite! I so pumped.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Midnight Tubing

Yeah, there's nothing better than going tubing down a hill of pure ice after midnight. I actually got quite a few people to come out and hang out at the tube hill. It didn't last long, because everybody was exhausted, including me. But it was still a blast! Rachel went of the jump on a saucer and just flew! She got some wicked air, and soon as she was in the air, her saucer took off and she just smaaaaashed down on the ice. She's got a bruise about the size of a 20 oz bottle. I fell down about 4 times yesterday, not all are from tubing either. Each time i fell, I landed on the same spot... man am I sore today! But it's all worth having a good time for. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today I saw a pencil sitting on the desk.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yes Man

Yes! I just saw Yes Man with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel. It gets a great review from me. I thought it was a great movie! Not absolutely hilarious, but there was some funny crap in it. I went with my good man El Suavo. Definitely a 12 bucks well spent (that includes my large Pibb). GO SEE IT!


Yeah, that's right. Nothing beats sledding after getting 14 inches of snow! I went with my dad, Jeremy, Jesse, and Faith. Oh it was a blast. We took like a thousand sleds and a few tubes out and went crazy. We built a sweet jump too. After doing that for what seemed like hours, we came home and we're just chillin now. The first sledding of the year was great, though. Can't wait to get up to SBR and go on their fantastic hills!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Question for you...

What am I good at? If I asked you that question, and just left it open like that, what would you say?

Monday, December 8, 2008

I wanted to visit the Hospital

So lastnight I decided to smash my finger in this here ping pong table and rip it open. Since I'm in the middle of nowhere, it took 20 minutes to get to the hospital, an hour to wait in the ER, another hour to get XRays, and another hour to wait to get stitched up (9 numbing shots, 5 stitches), then an hour for them to sign us out. Rediculous. It hurt pretty bad. Not a pleasant night. So the ping pong table pic is the general area I pinched it it, i'm not positive exaclt where, but i think it was bewtween that black and gray part. The tomato soup looking pic is a styrofoam cup of soapy water that they had me soak my finger in for 2 hours. Then the other 2 are the best pics I have of it my sick finger. These pics were taken on my phone, so they suck pretty bad. It was worse than it looks in the pics too. My buddy, El Suavo, is the lucky man that took me to the hostable. He got to sit in that chair for 3 hours. What a night. I gotta get the stitches out in 10 days. It doesn't really limit what I do, I'm just afraid of hitting it on something... i know it would hurt so bad. But that's about the whole story. Man it bled like a beast and hurt like a doctor. Can't wait to get the stitches out.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Disc golf in December

Aint nothin better than disc golfing in some snow! I went out today with Jon, Super Suave, Meckley, Shawn, and Mike. We didn't let the 15 degree temperature or the 20 mph winds slow us down, except for that one time i threw a white disc and couldn't find it. But it tooks us a good 2 hrs 40 mnts to complete 18 holes. It was cold, but we were all bundled up and I was actually sweating most of the time. I ended up with like 9 over par... I guess pretty good for not disc golfing for a few months. Time to go eat Tacos and Ice cream tacos, and then go see a movie.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goals Update

So I had some goals this break. Here they are again, and then how I'm doing with each one:

  • Re-read Deadly Viper: Character Assassins and actually make some serious applications to my life (I decided not to read this, partially because I don't know where I put the book, and partially because I feel that God will show me what he wants in these next three books)

  • Read Constrarian's Guide to Knowing God: Spirituality for the Rest of Us by Larry Osborne, Stand Against the Wind: Awaken the Hero Within by Erwin Raphael McManus, and Practicing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraodinary Spirutal Leaders by Reggie McNeal. These are 3 books I need to pre-course work that I have for a class next semester. (I began reading "Practicing Greatness." I think I've got like 3 or 4 chapters done. It's better than I would normally do, but it's not as much as I'd like to have done. I need to do about 3 chapters a day, and I've been doing 1 a day. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this)

  • Do my devotions everyday, along with write in my prayer journal. Devotions first thing in the morning, prayer journal just before bed. (Yeah, this hasn't happened yet. Maybe I can start tonite)

  • Learn how to make a budget (I talked with Jon today about the way he thinks a budget works best. It's pretty interesting. It's going to be a challenge for me to do it, but I will try (I can explain it to you if your really interested))

  • Co/teach a lesson or two in IA (Turns out that this isn't going to work out, so this isn't going to happen, but that's ok. Teaching was not actually my goal, I don't know how to explain what this goal behind teaching is, but there are other ways I can accomplish it)

  • Look into some information about Moody, Trinity, Oak Hills, and Northwestern (Hasn't happened yet. I'll probably wait till I get back to kenosha to do this, and I will probably apply to all four places)

  • Make a day trip to Chicago (I need me some Portillo's!) (AHHH... not yet, not sure when. it's not important, its just if i have time I'll throw it in)

  • Eat at OCB at least 3 times (Eh... I'm changing it to once, and I haven't gone yet)

  • Get a shelf to use at camp (Not yet)

  • Watch LOTR (I'm half way through the second one)
    Win the lottery (or get an inheritance from some lost uncle at a worth of about 3 million dollars) (My great great uncle, twice removed died and for some reason I get 300,000 from him. His name is Fergnun (It's french or somethin))

  • Practice my farting on command skills (I can now fart on command, aren't you proud?)

  • Spend some time with my family (Spent a little time with them, I'm not at home now though, but when I get back I'll spend plenty of time with them. I'll probably spend too much time with them. They'll probably get sick of me.)

  • Get in a jogging habit (Jon, I'm going to ask for your help on this one) (Actually... I've gone jogging. I ran on a treadmill for 20 minutes on monday or tuesday night. I ran almost two miles. Pretty good for not exercising for like 3 years)

  • and, hang with a ton of my good friends (if your name isn't listed, then you are one of my good friends: Michael Jackson, Joel Osteen, and Big Bird) (Oh yeah baby... I've hunged with my peeps, you know what I'm sayin?)

There's the update on those. Here are a few new ones:

  • Work on making my daily schedule
  • When I get home, to put up about a million lights on my house
  • Relationship work
  • Get some resist-a-bands

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I colored

I colored these pictures today. I'm quite the artist. The first one is color inverted, I thought it looked kind of cool

You wouldn't believe me if I told you

I'd probably waste my time if I tried to prove to you that it's true, but it's totally for real. Last night, for the first time in many moons I went to the gym. That might be easy to believe, but would you believe me if I said I worked out while I was there? Well, believe it. I went with Jon to his gym and worked out for about an hour and a half. We were on treadmills for 20 minutes, then we did "resistabands" or whatever they're called. It was an intense workout. I pushed through it all, it was hard, but I made it. Even tho the resistance training stuff was super difficult, I enjoyed it...almost as much as I enjoyed running.

Now I just need to recouperate... which might take like a whole week.
btw... the picture on the right is Jon working out, and I now look like the guy on the left, except I'm not black.